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What is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing and creation software created by Wondershare Technologies Ltd situated in Canada.

Filmora was first introduced on 29 Apr 2015 with Fimora version since then it was relaunched many times with much improved updates and the latest Filmora 9.5 version was launched on 22 Jul 2020

Filmora Updates History 

v6.1.0.20 [28 May 2015]
  • New Rebranding UI.
  • Wise previews of thumbnails. 
  • New categories and effects.
  • Adds the option to store project files for transfer between PCs to eliminate lost media files. 
  • Adds the ability to directly download media from AVCHD camcorders and from smartphones (Apple, Android). 
  • Optimizing Timeline UX to overcome the “too easy to break clip into two pieces while transferring clips on the Timeline.
  • Adds the option to transfer lost media to a saved work, fixes a project problem that can not be saved in certain situations.


v7.0.2 [2 Feb 2016]
  • Updated Title/Text Editor.
  • The Dark Screen option.
  • Scrolling Frame By Frame.
  • Help for 4K.


v7.2.0 [28 Apr 2016]
  • Unspecified upgrades, improvements or bug fixes may be included.
v7.5.0 [19 Jul 2016]
  • May include unspecified updates, improvements, or bug fixes.


v8.0.0 [19 Jan 2017]
  • With the ability to correct lens distortion, video stabilisation, audio de-noise, enhanced speed control (slow-motion, fast-motion, repeat, reverse and freeze frame), as well as colour correction, the brand new action cam tool is available.
  • Brand new Instant Cutter: For users to conveniently and instantly trim or blend video files without quality loss (supports H.264 encoded MP4, MOV & MTS images taken by Action Cams, Tablets, and Home AVCHD Camcorders).


v8.1.0 [10 Mar 2017]
  • Brand new built-in default effects like Audio, Text, Overlay and Element.
  • The native Effects Shop of Filmora is now available. For the latest affects buying and downloading.
  • Bugs fixed.


v9.1.2 [21 Mar 2019]
Editing & Performance:
  • Up to a hundred video tracks.
  • Organize the media in up to 100 full video tracks and create composing effects. Apply filtering, transitions, and other effects on every track.
  • Faster Export and Import.
  • At a higher speed, import and render media.
  • Previews and snapshots at HD quality.
  • Preview the videos for greater detail and catch still frames for high resolution.
  • Chroma Key Improved.
  • Get better performance with a green screen tool that gives you more power.
  • Improved video stabilisation.
  • Delete blurry video with the updated stabilisation tool.
  • Playback Quality Adjustable.
  • For a better editing experience, reduce the resolution of your video preview without compromising the quality of your exported videos.
  • Cross-Compatibility on PC / Mac.
  • Start projects on a Mac or PC version of Filmora9 and work on them on either OS.


  • Improved Waveforms
  • Edit audio messages with audio waveforms that are more noticeable.
  • Keyframe/Envelope Audio Editing.
  • Using keyframing to make several changes within one clip, change the sound of an audio clip within the timeline.
  • Up to 100 Audio Tracks.
  • Organize up to 100 timeline tracks for your tracks, dialogue, and other audio clips.


  • Track Size Adjustable.
  • Choose from 3 sizes of the track: small, regular, and big. For audio processing, larger tracks are extremely useful as the waveforms get larger.
  • In the Video Preview, you can alter clips.
  • Inside the preview window, flip, rotate, scale and move any video clip.


v9.5 [30 June 2020]
  • GPU recognition streamlined- GPU acceleration can be used for more systems.
  • Lag detection – it can recommend a solution when the software lags.
  • Updated rendering – Timeline rendering has been turned faster, especially when rendering with reduced preview quality.
  • Added 14 new effects – You’ve got 14 new built-in filters to make things creative.
  • Vertical text – Type vertically to apply text and titles to your videos.
  • More ways to learn – Complete the ‘missions’ guide to learn new skills.

Filmora Products And Tools



Filmora has 3 products 

  • Filmora9 (for beginners or entry-level users)
  • FilmoraPro (for professionals)
  • And FilmoraScrn (for high-quality screen recordings)


FilmoraScrn will be no longer available for sale in the near future, Wondershare has released brand new Democreator V4.0 as an alternate solution. 

So, in this article, I will briefly cover Filmora9 and FilmoraPro.



Filmora 9

A big upgrade that redefines the application has been revealed as the first option for new video creators, social video developers and prosumers who need easy-to-use video effects

Filmora9 is this update and it has a brand new offering of up to 100 video tracks, audio keyframing, and more of the resources that professional editors require even while retaining the convenience that existing users enjoy.

CLICK HERE: Filmora V9.5 – Better Performance. New Ways to Learn.



Filmora Pro

A technical video editing software designed for developers looking for greater efficiency, more control and more opportunities to stretch their artistic muscles. 

For YouTubers or anybody who feels like they’re outgrowing entry-level video editing tools, FilmoraPro is great.

CLICK HERE: FilmoraPro Video Editor Professional, Learn More.



  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Vlogit
  3. Meme maker
  4. Online video trimmer



FilmoraGo is a paid smartphone App which you can use on both Apple and Android.

With advanced features and lots of ways to be innovative, FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editing tool.

Create your own movies, make or edit music videos and share it with your friends.


Vlogit is a free smartphone app which you can use on both Apple and Android.

An efficient Vloggers & YouTubers video editing free tool without any watermark.

Making video with fascinating music and awsome effects are now simple with Vlogit. You can post your videos to social media sites or YouTube straight from the app.


Meme Maker: (Use it for free)

A completely free meme generator without a watermark and to use it, you don’t need to sign up or log in. 

It supports the one-place import of images, GIFs and video. Very simple to use just drag and drop or upload via URL.

Text length, colour and location adjustments are also available. After editing is completed, only one click is required to export your work within a few seconds.

You can easily upload it to social media.


Online video trimmer

It enables users to trim videos for free.

Simply import the file directly from your device or paste the URL of the video.

The maximum size of a video file that can be imported can not exceed 100 MB.

Click Here to use it for free.

Read Here: Filmora System Requirements

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